1.Effectiveness of cranio sacral therapy with myofascial release versus conventional physiotherapy on pain and functional in subjects with non specific neck pain.

2.Effectiveness on snag mobilization and autogenic muscle energy technique on pain range of motion and function in subject with mechanical neck pain.

3.Effectiveness of Pilates and gong’s mobilization on pain, range of motion and function in text neck syndrome among young adults.

4.Effect of preventive physiotherapy care on work related Musculoskeletal disorders among dental fraternity.

5.Effectiveness of restorative approach versus conventional approach on balance and gait in subject with traumatic brain injury.

6.Effectiveness of mime therapy versus proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on facial function in subjects with bell’s palsy.

7.Effectiveness of constrain induced movement therapy versus bimanual training in children with unilateral cerebral palsy.

8.Effect of lesion location on motor and functional recovery in subjects undergoing post stroke rehabilitation.

9.Effectiveness of high intensity treadmill training versus low intensity treadmill training to improve exercise tolerance in subjective with bronchiectasis.

10.Effectiveness of lung flute versus Pilates breathing exercises to improve symptoms and quality of life in subjects with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

11..Effectiveness of kinesis taping versus athletic taping chronic ankle instability among young sports players.

12.Effectiveness of contrast training versus core strengthening training in improvement of dynamic balance and agility in collegiate badminton players.

13.Effectiveness of Nordic hamstring exercises vs dynamic soft tissues mobilizations in improving hamstring muscle flexibility among young male cricketers.