Corporate Services

  • Corporate Services

    Services provided under MOU by GSL Medical College & General Hospital to the following

    organisations / companies / pvt agencies

    S.No Name of the Companies
    1 A P State Govt Recog (Reimbursement)
    2 Little Hearts (Below 12 years) - Heart surgeries
    3 Empanelled under Aarogyasri from 01.04.2007
    4 Arogya Bhadratha (Police)
    5 A P Transco (Electricity)
    6 ONGC (A.P State)
    7 Reliance (Rajahmundry)
    8 Mediassist (Yanam)
    9 Mediassist (Hyderabad)
    10 Vinson Industries (Visakhapatnam)
    11 Bajaj Allianz Insurance
    12 ICICI Lombard
    13 ICICI Prudential
    14 E S I (Employees only)
    15 T T K Health Care (Hyderabad)
    16 F H P L (Family Health Plan, Hyderabad)
    17 Oriental Insurance
    18 Akar Solutions (Kakinada) (Oil Rig)
    19 Akar Borgistar (Kakinada) (Oil Rig)
    20 SMILE Trains (Cleft Lip, Palate)
    21 EYE WORLD Org.
    22 TEC NIP (Kakinada) (Oil Rig)
    23 STAR Health (Chennai)
    24 Futer Generali India (Pune)
    25 Medi Care (Hyderabad)
    26 Para Mount (Hyderabad)
    27 Good Health Plan (Hyderabad)
    28 United Health Care (Hyderabad)
    29 I T D A (Ramachowdavaram) (Agency)
    30 Good Health Plan (Hyderabad)
  • General Medicine

    CARE WITH COMPASSION - Department of Medicine
    Department of medicine is a major department of GSL. It has important functions of indoor and outdoor patient care, teaching of undergraduate students, medical research & health education of masses. Undergraduate education was started in 2002.

    Since its establishment in 2002 it has been training medical students and has thus produced excellent medical care givers for the country.

    To encourage development of an attitude of compassion and empathy for human suffering, to create an academic atmosphere conducive to assimilation of scientific knowledge, and to encourage logical application of the knowledge to ameliorate the suffering of society.

    Department Highlights
    The department is well equipped with teaching &learning resources as per the guidelines of Medical Council of India for undergraduate course that is being conducted. We are placed at spacious OPD complex on the ground floor. There are consultation rooms for individual faculties, seminar rooms, departmental museum, research lab and a well stocked departmental library.

    Teaching and learning experience is enhanced with the help of teaching aids like OHP & LCD projector.
    The department houses Museum for undergraduate training with specimens, charts, booklets, models etc. classified as per the sections in Medicine.
    We have a departmental library .It is updated with latest edition of books as and when published.
    We have a well equipped departmental research lab with internet facility and the equipments kept are used for research purposes.
    The department is having 190 beded male/female medicine wards (good number of outdoor & indoor of patients flow (80% to 85% bed occupancy) for training and research. The college has well established critical care units as a part of Medicine department. These critical care units are equipped with ultramodern multi-para monitors, ventilators, ABG-analyzers ,temporary-pace makers & haemodialysers.The Department has high-tech diagnostic facilities in non invasive cardiology like 2D-ECHO, TMT-stress ECG, Holter (24 hour ECG )and Ambulatory BP monitor .We have state of the art flexible Fibro-optic Bronchoscope & computerized PFT machine for diagnosis of respiratory disorders. We also provide diagnostic services in field of neurology with a computerized EEG machine.

    Extensional activities in last 5 years
    Mini and multidiagnostic medical camps are held on regular basis. Health education and free consultation facilities are provided to the villagers.
    Research Activities
    In addition to research in local areas which are undertaken by faculty and undergraduate students are also encouraged to conduct ICMR projects.

    Thrust Area

    • Tropical diseases
    • Local medical problems like snakebites
    • Organophosphorus poisoning
    • Rheumatic heart diseases
    • Pulmonary tuberculosis
    • Nutritional Anaemia.
    • Medical emergencies in obstetrics
    • Future plans

    To start P.G. Course in General Medicine
    Guest lecturers from various institutes to get both UG’s more conversant with resent advances in Medicine.
    To nurture spirit of inquiry and scientific temper by promoting research & Publication to connect with emerging trends.
    Comprehensive appropriate, Innovative, need based teaching, learning and evaluation programs that Include student centered, problem based, Community oriented Clinical, Laboratory & project based modules.

    Emphasis on continual improvement & spirit of lifelong learning through regular Faculty Development Programs. (For e.g. clinical meetings, medical audits, Guest lectures, national & international workshops and Conferences within the campus and through deputation to other Colleges & Universities.)

  • General Surgery

    Vision & Mission
    This department aims to provide proper direction, requisite training and the correct attitude to all those who have taken upon themselves the onus of tending to the sick and wounded in various types of calamities including accidents.

    Impress upon them the enormous responsibility that is consequent of the patient, rural & urban, consenting to go under one’s knife.

    It also strives to provide an intellectually stimulating environment to motivate and inspire students of surgery at all levels in their quest for knowledge and to enable them to realize their potential to the fullest extent, and serve the community with holistic approach also.

    Departmental Activity
    Department is actively involved in teaching, patient care, research, CME organisation. Eminent dignitaries have visited the institution and surgery department.

    Operation theatres:
    6 Major, 1 Septic and 1 Minor. (Total- 8)
    Surgery operation theatre has digital video camera for recording of operations and students can see them live. This prevents unnecessary crowding in operating room. These recording are then edited and kept in ECMC & departmental library for teaching

    Faculty Profile
    Department of surgery has qualified, experienced and dedicated, fulltime faculty in full strength. They all are staying in the campus and hence are available to students and patients 24/7. The faculty is engaged in teaching, research, patient care, act as "Mentors", and participate in cocurricular and extracurricular activities such as annual social gathering. Faculty has presented research of high standard at National and state level.

    Mentor System
    Surgery department is actively involved “Mentor System" implemented by the Institution.
    Each faculty looks after the overall development of TEN STUDENTS. This batch remains with the same faculty for the duration of entire course. Students are guided regarding academic, personal, social, accommodate difficulties faced by them. Students get family environment as they become part of the Mentor’s family.

    Facilities For Teaching Learning Process:
    Department of surgery has full strength of qualified faculty. Lectures are conducted on audio-visual system using power point presentations, videos, LCD projection, CCTV, text and pictorial scenarios. There is integrated, community oriented approach. Interactive sessions are regularly conducted. Students are assigned small projects to inculcate the habit of self study and research. Department of surgery has modified the curriculum which suites the needs of modern medical students. More emphasis is given on acquiring practical, preventive and community oriented knowledge. Depending on recent knowledge the syllabus is promptly modified. Student evaluation methods are based on his understanding of subject rather than only on his memory.Department has its own museum with training models and library which contains text books, reference books and journals.

    Problem Based Learning
    This is unique programme implemented in this institute. A batch of 10-12 students is assigned to a “facilitator". Text scenarios are constructed and distributed to the batch. There is a "brain storming" free association session. Students discuss the scenario and collect information on their own from library, internet, and subject experts etc,

    Advantages: Improves communication skills. Students learn to use various resources to gather knowledge apart from text books. They learn to study and to work as a team. Facilitator also learns along with students,

    Department of surgery has generated pictorial scenarios in addition to text scenarios. Students see these clinical, radiological, intra operative photographs and learn about the given case

    Services Offered

    • Paediatric Cardiac Surgery
    • General surgery,
    • Paediatric surgery,
    • Oncosurgery,
    • Neurosurgery,
    • Plastic & reconstructive surgery,
    • Endourology, PCNL, Lithoclast.
    • Minimal invasive surgery.
    • Pediatric cardiac surgery.
    • Neonatal surgery.
    • Trauma care.

    Specialised Services
    The department of surgery is fully equipped to cater need of every surgical patient especially rural as well as urban. It has all modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities to treat surgical patients. Thus we provide multidisciplinary and superspeciality services.

    Thrust Areas Of Research:
    • Breast cancer.
    • Urolithiasis.
    • Trauma management & prevention.
    • Adopting recent technological advances and at the same time offering quality patient care at reasonable cost.(indigenous modifications)
    • Teaching methodology with participation of students.
    • Socioeconomic factors and gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Respiratory Medicine

  • Dermatology

    Dermatology, Venerology and Leprology department is headed by Dr.G.Raghurama Rao, an internationally reputed dermatologist. He is assisted by equally efficient two Associate Professors and two Assistant Professors.

    Dr.Raghurama Rao was awarded Dr.Ambady Oration for the year 2010 in the 38th National Conference of Indian Association of Dermatologists Venerologists & Leprologists at Lucknow 2010.

    He was invited to write a chapter on Cutaneous Anthrax in the text book of tropical infectious Diseases 3rd Edition edited by Prof.David H Walker, Univeristy of Texas, Medical Branch U.S.A.

    He was invited to review article on “Genital Herpes co-infection, Epidemiology, clinical aspects and treatments” in the Open Infectious Disease Journal, Bentham Sciences by Editor-in-chief Dr.Sandro Ventro.

    He was invited for an Interview in SIIC by Prof.Rafael B.Castro.

    He was invited to deliver a guest lecture in the 2nd Quebec TGehrapeutics, Canada.

    He was invited to deliver a guest lecture in 2nd Chongqing International Clinical Neurosciences Forum & International Neuro Drug Conference, China.

    A special interview and an article in Dermatology Times, an international Medical Magazine U.S.A.

    He has more than fifty publications in National and International peer review journals.

  • Psychiatry

  • Orthopedics


    Department of orthopaedics of GSL General Hospital is a major department established in 2002 .

    Dealing with IPD, OPD and causalities like trauma, road traffic accidents and various congenital & acquired disorders in orthopaedics.

    In addition to these activities department also deals with teaching, training, research activities. Department of orthpaedics also contributes in social activities like multidiagnostic camps as well as minicamps arranged throughout year around.

    Services Offerd By Department

    • 1. OPD SERVICES: for common orthopaedic conditions like low back ache, neck pain, knee pain treated with medication, physiotherapy and traction and FOR TRAUMATIC CASES plaster cast, plaster slab, application immobilization splints
    • 2. CASUALTY SERVICES: for trauma cases services like wound suturing, debridement of wounds, dressing, and knee aspiration, all kind of upper & LOWER limb fractures are treated with conservative treatment like plaster slabs, casts, and immobilization splints.
    • 3. OPERATIVE SERVICES: like internal fixation plating & nailing, external fixation for traumatic cases, all kind of congenital & acquired orthopaedic cases are treated with operations,
    • 4. EXCISION OF BENIGN, MALIGNANT BONE TUMORS for conditions like synovial sarcoma, osteosarcoma, gaint cell tumor.
    • 5. PEDIATRIC ORTHOPAEDIC SERVICES like CTEV correction by ponsetti’s technique of serial cast application, cervical rib excision, and ender’s nail fixation for long bone pediatric fractures cerebral palsy treated with physiotherapy &operative interventions
    Speciality Clinics And Services

    Advanced Services Offered
    • Total Hip & Total Knee joint replacement surgeries.
    • Knee joint Arthroscopies
    • Diagnostic arthroscopies for suspected ACL tear, PCL tear, Meniscal injuries,
    • Therapeutic arthroscopies like ACL & PCL reconstruction , meniscectomy, meniscal repair , joint debridement & lavage
    • spinal surgeries
    • Laminectomy ,Discectomy are done for degenerative disc disease
    • spinal instrumentation is done for cases like Spondylolisthesis & traumatic spine fractures
    • cervical Discectomy for cervical disc disease

    Speciality Equipment

    Departmental Extensional Activities
    Faculty and residents of department take action part in multidiagnostic camp in rural area A helping hand to the physically challenged
    Thrust Areas Of Reasearch
    • 1. Hip & Knee joint replacement
    • 2. Knee joint Arthroscopy
    • 3. Spinal Disorders
    • 4. Paediatric Orthopaedics
    • 5. Complex Trauma

    Future Plans Of Department

  • Ophthalmology

    STARTED IN 2002
    • Got Approval of DBCS in 2003 October for cataract Surgeries.
    • OP every year around 20,000 out patient were examined.
    • Conducted around 300 cataract camps up to Jan 2010.
    • About 10,000 cataract surgeries. Done up to Jan 2010.
    • Around 100-150 cataract / Month.
    DFD, ITDA,Conducted APRTSS Tribal Eye camps during 2008 2010.Under AP Tribal Eye care project.

    • Dr.E.Hemalatha Devi [ Prof & HOD ]
    • Dr.K.Srinivasa Rao [ Prof ]
    • Dr.B.V.Nagendra babu [ Prof ]
    • Dr.P.Vijaya [ Asst Prof ]
    • Dr.K.Satish [ Asst Prof ]
    • Dr.M.Surya Chandra. [Sr.Resident ]
    • Slit Lamps - 5
    • 5 step magnification with motorized stand.
    • 2 step magnification with motorized stand.
    • 3 slit lamps with mechanical stand.
    • Automated perimeter.
    • Applanation Tonometer.
    • Direct and indirect ophthalmoscope.
    • Goneo scope.
    • 90 Lens.

    SURGERY – Cataract surgery, Glaucoma Surgery, probing, Dacrocystectomy, Dacrocystorhino Stomy ptosis, & other operation surgeries done regularly.

    • Gold medal for oration at state ophthalmic conference in 2009 for Dr.E.Hemalatha Devi.
    • 2 free paper presentation at state ophthalmic conference in 2007 by. Dr.K.Satish.
    • Saranya :- Select for Indo American. Exchange Programme.
    • Students :- 2003 Batch Sirishpaul stood university 1st in ophthalmology.
    A Project for Finding Prevalence of Diabetes in cataract patients.
    Comparisons of Results of cataract surgery in superior and temporal section done by surgeon sitting at headend.
  • ENT


    Department of ENT and Head & Neck Surgery is integral part of the hospital which deals with IPD, OPD and causalities attending the hospital. Department is working round the clock to help & treat the emergencies that are sent with tertiary care reference to the hospital.

    In addition to these activities department also deals with teaching, training, research activities in the field of otorhinolaryngology for graduate level.

    Being established in 2002, the department of ENT has grown immensely with respect to the facilities and care provided to the rural population Rajahmundry and the adjoining rural areas.

    The department of ENT deals with a plethora of academic and medical/surgical activities. Besides catering to the medical needs of the rural population of Rajahmundry and the adjoining villages, the department also plays an important role in the teaching curriculum of the medical college. Weekly lectures clinics and tutorials are conducted for undergraduate by the faculty. A post end exam is conducted for assessing the students at the end of each clinical posting. The members of the faculty not only help and encourage the students but also take active participation in research activities carried out within the department.

    Teaching Facilities Offered
    The department has the following facilities for teaching the undergraduate

    • Lecture hall
    • Departmental library
    • Seminar hall equipped with a over head projector.
    • Demonstration room
    • Audiovisual aids (a collection of cd’s & dvd’s containing routine ent operative procedures).
    • CCTV
    • Well equipped research laboratory having temporal bone dissection unit.
    • Departmental museum containing various pathological gross specimens.
    • A collection of x-rays and ct scans of relevant ent diseases.
    Services Offerd By Department
    1. Out patient department
    2. In patient department
    3. 24 hrs. emergency services
    4. U.G. and
    5. Special Services
    6. Major & Minor Operations
    Advanced Services Offered By The Department

    Audiological services -sound proof, air conditioned audiological examination unit which includes – pure tone audiometry, impedance audiometry, b.e.r.a.

    • Speech rehabilitation.
    • Multidiagnostic camps.
    • Rural services.
    • Tele-Medicine Services
    • Special Clinics
    • Deafness Clinic
    • Head & Neck Malignancy Clinic
    • Vertigo Clinic
    Equipment Of The Department

    • Nasopharyngoscope
    • Fibreoptic Laryngoscope
    • Fibreoptic Bronchoscope
    • Pure tone Audiometer
    • Impedence Audiometer
    • Brainstem Evoked Reponse Audiometer
    • Temporal bone dissection unit
    • Microdebrider (storz)
    • Nasal Endoscopes ( 0 and 45 degree)
    • Operating Microscopes
    • Micromotors
    • Nasal Endoscopy instrument set
    Departmental Extensional Activities
    Faculty and residents of the department take active part in multidiagnostic camps held in the adjoining rural areas arranged by GSL trust as an ongoing effort to provide medical care to the underprivileged and suppressed.

    The Department of ENT has conducted camps under the “Rajiv Arogyasri Scheme.
    Thus we serve mankind with the knowledge bestowed upon us by the Almighty and the trust laid in us by man.

  • OBG

    This department was established in the year 2002.
    It has been growing from strength to strength and has contributed to the society by not only churning out graduates but also providing maternal health care to thousands of women in the reproductive age group as well as geriatric age group.

    In addition to the institutional care, department is actively involved in number of community projects on maternal health implemented by the organisation.

    Department enjoys the popularity and cliental satisfaction since its inception.

    Facilities for teaching learning process:

    • Qualified and experienced faculty
    • Modern audiovisual aids including LCD projectors, computer, overhead projector and slide projector,
    • lecture halls, seminar rooms, library (central and departmental), clinic rooms.
    • However, adequate clinical material in the form of variety of antenatal and gynaecology cases throughout the year is the most important teaching material available.
    Services offered by the department
    • Out patient Department
    • In patient Department
    • High Risk Pregnancy Clinic
    • MTP Clinics
    • Menopause Clinic
    • Oncology clinic
    • Infertility Clinic

    High risk antenatal cases and critical gynaecology cases are reffered to this centre either directly or by other hospitals or private practioner from a radius of 150 Km distance. We are successfully managing high risk cases llike antepartum eclampsia, preeclampsia, post partum haemorrhage, disseminated intravascular coagulation.

    The antenatal care has improved over the last three years, survivals have increased and thus the referrals to this centre have also increased significantly.

    List of Ongoing Projects :
    • Study of outcome of oligohydramnios
    • A Study of outcome of vaginal birth after caesarean section
    • A comparative study of intravaginal Prostaglandin E1(misoprostol) and intracervical Prostaglandin E2 (dinaprostone)for induction of labour.
    • Comparative study of premature rupture of membranes in primigravida with unripe Cervix
    • Study of Course of Labour by using Modified WHO Partograph
    • Study of maternal and perinatal outcome of pre-eclampsia in a tertiary rural centre

  • Anaesthesiology

    Historical Background

    The Department of Anesthesiology and Critical care was established in the year 2002 Many developments have changed the life of the department of Anesthesiology. This service specialty not only has changed its appearance from a technology to a full- fledged science of Anesthesiology, but also is almost on the threshold of branching into subspecialties. It has progressed from a very small department to one of the biggest departments.

    The Department of Anesthesiology forms a key link between surgical team and the patients undergoing surgical procedures. The role of anesthesiologists is becoming more and more challenging with rising of life expectancy and technological advances in surgical field.

    A dedicated team of 12 consultants are ably assisted by tutors and residents. Anesthesiologists have crossed the confines of O.T to grow as Intensivists, Pain Specialists, and Resuscitation specialists/ Triage experts in casualty/ ICU and to provide service in Radio-diagnosis, Cardiac catheterization laboratories, Electro-Convulsive therapy, Narco-Analysis, Radio-therapy, Respiratory therapy units.

    Anaesthesiologist as “Super Specialist” expertise in peri-operative management of patients. Department strives to achieve a perfect balanced equilibrium in providing services, Postgraduate and Undergraduate training, and exploring the frontiers of research.

    To bring back the patient alive and safely through the difficult, risky and frightening voyage of peri-operative period and to provide him all the possible pain relief and comfort during this period.

    Removing mysterious aura and ignorance and enlighten every body about our chosen specialty i.e. Anesthesiology and Critical Care. To be strong, efficient, dedicated and well organized back bone of the institution.

    To achieve excellence in the specialized field of anaesthesiology, critical care medicine and comprehensive pain management.

    To impart value based education to the students to create environment for their social and spiritual development.

    To conduct continued educational programmes and activities to creep up with the changing trends in the field.

    Services Provided

    • General Anaesthesia
    • Spinal Anaesthesia
    • Epidural Anaesthesia
    • Combined spinal and epidural anaesthesia
    • Regional blocks
    • Local / Field blocks
    • Monitored anesthesia care
    • Narco analysis
    • Intra operative and post operative management
    • Anaesthesia OPD
    • Acute pain relief services
    • Cancer pain management
    • Disaster relief services whenever requested
    • Equipments Available
    All OT complexes are equipped as per minimum monitoring standards and advanced monitoring available in major O.T like defibrillator, anaesthesia machine, cardioscope, Pulse oximeter, advanced monitors like multi-parameter monitor, Respiratory Gas Monitor (RGM), Non-invasive Cardiac Output monitor (NICO), Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (PNS), Nerve locator, difficult airway kits, Peri-operative anaesthesia record sheets.

    Future Plans
    • Labour analgesia Centre
    • Advance Pain Clinic
    • Difficult Airway Training Centre

  • Radio Diagnosis

    The Radiodiagnosis Department boasts of fully equipped and modernized Imaging Department catering to all the branches of the hospital as well as trains and teaches the students.

    The department has all modern diagnostic facilities like 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner, CT scanner, diagnostic x-ray equipments with IITV facility, ultrasound, Colour Doppler, 3D -4D USG and mammography machine. Recently PACS system was installed for communication of images and patient reports within various departments of the hospital. DSA facility is being installed in the department. The department gives 24 hrs diagnostic and emergency services to cater to the needs of rural population in the region in and around Loni (western Maharashtra). The diagnostic services provided are at reasonable rate and most of the indoor X-ray and USG examinations are done free of cost. The department is located in main OPD building.

    Mission Statement
    To provide advanced multi imaging services of the highest quality.

    We are committed to deliver accurate and timely diagnostic information so that each and every patient receives the best medical care. We are also committed to provide outstanding education and high quality research so as to deliver to our medical students, graduates and post graduates resident the best possible training and aim to achieve the highest levels of professional excellence.

    Our vision is to make the Department of Radio-diagnosis and imaging Sciences in the country. It shall be our endeavor to be recognized as an integrated multidisciplinary centre for diagnostic, therapeutic and academic excellence in the field of Radio-diagnosis and imaging.

    Modern diagnostic equipment facilities
    Advanced services offered by department

    • 4-D Ultrasonography.
    • Peripheral vascular Doppler ultrasound.
    • Musculoskeletal ultrasound.
    • CT guided biopsies
    • USG guided interventional studies.
    • MR spectroscopy.
    • MR angiography.
    • Whole body MRI with DWIBS

  • Dentistry